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People are the foundation of everything. From top to bottom, we should unite as one, have a high degree of consistency in thinking, and put moral quality first. Loyalty to the enterprise, and sense of honor and responsibility to the company should be put in the first place\Colleagues should respect each other, cooperate with each other, and complement each other's advantages. With a healthy attitude, everyone should unite for common prosperity. Such a team makes people feel happier and more emotional.

Xinmeng Packaging always carries out the policy of awarding the best and punishing the worst, and the survival of the fittest. It will not bury any capable person, nor will it tolerate a black sheep with a bad mentality and excessive abuse. Gathering rain in Zhongkun,Let the people with excellent moral quality, high enterprise loyalty and strong ability give full play to and follow the enterprise to develop robustly.

Here, we have great enthusiasm for the development of talents. Therefore, we hire the best talents, provide equal development opportunities, and invest in the development of outstanding employees.We are honored to warmly invite all industry people and potential candidates to join us. We will sincerely thank you for your choice!

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